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Is there an easy way to find arrests records and details on arrest warrants from Sussex County, Delaware?

If you need a one line answer to the question above- No it isn’t simple or easy to access information on recent arrests or active warrants from Sussex. In fact, you are likely to get super miffed with local authorities, including judicial as well as law enforcement entities, once you begin your quest for criminal records.

That said, it would not make sense to harp over what is unavailable. Instead, let us do the productive thing and talk about the information that you can get your hands on.


How do you access the warrant list for Sussex County?

Well this is not really a Sussex County- specific source. Also, the information you get is restricted to just the name of the accused/suspect, some other identifier information, the warrant number and brief details on the charges.

But the good thing is that this is a name based search tool. So, all you will need is the last name of your subject to initiate the warrant lookup. Plus, the outstanding warrants in the database go back to a good 20 years at the least. This service is available courtesy of the Delaware State police and you can avail it at


But, can’t you go to the police for a Sussex County warrant check?

You could go to the local troop of the Delaware State Police or the local police department serving your area. But don’t expect the warrant division to simply hand you the list of arrest orders or to even tell you about the active warrants in the name of one specific individual.

However, this is the best way to deal with the situation if you believe that somebody in your vicinity has or had a proclivity to involve himself in antisocial acts. Although, the law enforcement agency will not furnish details on warrants, you can be sure that if this individual is on the run from the law, he will be arrested.


What about details on arrests in Sussex County?

Now, these are almost impossible to come by online. But, you can approach the police for this information. However, you will have to visit the local law enforcement agency in person. Depending on the location of arrest, this could be:

  • Troop 5 of Delaware State Police at 9265 Public Safety Way, Bridgeville, DE 19933.
  • Troop 4 of Delaware State Police at 23652 Shortly Rd, Georgetown, DE 19947.
  • Georgetown Police Department at 335 N. Race St. Georgetown, DE 19947. They only offer crime-related information to victims and defendants.

Another way is to contact the Sussex Correctional Facility at 23203 Dupont Blvd, Georgetown, DE 19947. However, it would be best to call them on 302-856-5280 because this is a level 5 incarceration center.


Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Sussex County over the phone? (2021-data)        

  1. To request information about active warrants and recent arrests, contact the law enforcement agency that handled the criminal case in question. This could be:
  • Bethany Beach PD: 302-539-1000.
  • Blades PD: 302-629 -7329
  • Bridgeville PD: 302-337-8302
  • Dagsboro PD: 302-732-3777
  • Delmar PD: 302-846-2320
  • Dewey Beach PD: 302-227-1128
  • Ellendale PD: 302-422-3584
  • Fenwick Island PD: 302-539-2000
  • Georgetown PD: 302- 856-6613
  • Greenwood PD: 302-349-4822
  • Laurel PD: 302-875-2244
  • Lewes PD: 302-645-6264
  • Millsboro PD: 302-934-8174
  • Rehoboth Beach PD: 302-227-2577
  • Selbyville PD: 302-436-5085 ext. 112
  • South Bethany PD: 302-539-3996 (Ext. 205)


  1. To get a certified copy of judicial records, contact the Court Clerk at 302-855-7055 (Superior Court) and 302-858-5700 (Court of Common Pleas).


Crime stats for Sussex County, DE

Of the 3 counties in Delaware, Sussex had the lowest decline in crime rate. The decrease of 6.8% in the incident rates of 2019 meant that a total of 18,600 criminal complaints were filed in the area. Of these, over 4600 were violent crimes.

Within this crime category, assaults led to the filing of nearly 4400 cases. Of the complaints filed against property-related offenses, nearly 3600 were attributed to larceny-theft. While a reduction was seen in the rates of all other crime categories, the incident figures of drug and narcotic-related offenses increased by nearly 20%.

Sussex County has higher averages for both violent and property crimes as compared to country-wide numbers. In fact, Georgetown ranks pretty high on the list of the most dangerous cities in Delaware.

Criminal stats for the area from DE government are only available for 2013 and these show that larceny and theft accounted for the maximum number of arrests.