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Want to know about arrest warrants from Kent County, DE?

If you want to find information on warrants issued in Kent County, there is a nifty online tool that can be used to access locally issued arrest orders as well as those that can be traced to judicial agencies across the state.

However, the same cannot be said about arrest records. In fact, the only way to launch an arrest inquiry is to approach the law enforcement agency that carried out the arrest. Other crime related data such as the police blotter or even the most wanted list for the area are nearly impossible to come by. So, given below are the contact details of agencies that you can approach for arrest records and for a warrant search.


What is the best way to initiate a warrant check in Kent County?

Fortunately, for all those of you who need details on locally issued active warrants, there is an online tool for the job. It can be found at

The tool gives you access to the state warrant database that holds information on at least 70,000 outstanding warrants issued all over Delaware. This includes active warrants issued in case of felonies and misdemeanors as well as bench warrants.

To initiate the warrant lookup, you will need the last name of your subject at the least. If you also happen to have this person’s first name, it will certainly help to narrow down the results. The warrant search is offered free of cost and you do not have to register with the website to avail the facility.


Where should you go to find details on recent arrests in Kent County?

Although all detainees are shifted to correctional facilities that are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Corrections, you can find details pertaining to arrests in Kent County from one of the agencies listed below:

  • Dover Police Department- 400 S Queen St, Dover, DE 19904.
  • Harrington Police Department- 10 Mechanic St, Harrington, DE 19952.
  • Wyoming Police Department- 1 N Railroad Ave, Wyoming, DE 19934.
  • Camden Police Department- 1783 Friends Way, Camden, DE 19934.
  • Felton Police Department- 24 E Sewell St, Felton, DE 19943.
  • Cheswold Police Department- 691 Main St, Dover, DE 19904.
  • Clayton Police Department- 414 Main St, Clayton, DE 19938.

It would be best to contact them over the phone before visiting their office in person. Although, you are not going to get access to their arrest log, you can expect a “yes or no” answer in response to an arrest inquiry pertaining to a specific individual.


Can the Department of Corrections help to find Kent County jail records?

The Delaware DOC only offers information on jail records of convicts and suspects to victims, to the accused or to the legal representatives of the accused. This information can be obtained by using the VINE link at


How do you inquire about active warrants and recent arrests from Kent County over the phone? (2021-current)

The Sheriff’s Department of Kent County is in charge of serving court-issued citations and orders, such as bench warrants, summons, etc. However, other law enforcement services are provided by local police departments.

  1. So, for information on active warrants or arrest records, you can approach the Sheriff’s Office or the law enforcement office that handled the investigation of the criminal complaint/matter in question. Hence, for arrest records, police reports, and details pertaining to outstanding warrants, you can call:
  • Kent County Sheriff’s Office at (302) 736-2161.
  • Dover City PD at (302)-736-7130.
  • Smyrna PD at (302) 653-9217.
  • Clayton PD at (302) 653-8186.
  • Cheswold PD at (302) 734-2202.
  • Camden PD at (302) 697-2881.
  • Harrington PD at (302) 398-4493/94/95.
  • Felton PD at (302) 284-8441.
  • Frederica PD at (302) 335-5100.
  • Milford PD at (302) 422-8081.
  • Wyoming PD at (302) 697-7960.
  • Delaware State Police (For all other areas of Kent County) at (302) 697-4454
  1. For details pertaining to recent arrests, you can contact the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center at (302) 653-9261.

3. For judicial records of criminal cases, you can contact the Kent County Superior Court at (302) 739-5353 and the Court of Common Pleas at (302) 739-4618.

4. For information on the assistance offered to victims and witnesses of crimes, you can get in touch with Victim Services at (302) 659-6823.

5. For information pertaining to an adult offender, get in touch with the Department of Corrections at (302) 857-5440.


Crime Statistics of Kent County, Delaware

The crime rates of Kent County declined steadily from 2015 through 2019. Around 15,500 crimes were reported by the law enforcement agencies of Kent County. This was a decrease of over 11% as compared to the incident figures of 2015.

Of the crimes reported, around 4100 were violent offenses while 4500 were serious property offenses. Social offenses and other property offenses accounted for over 4000 cases while drug offenses brought in 2800 complaints. Save for drug-related offenses, all other crime categories had lower occurrence rates as compared to previous years.

Although both the violent and property crime averages of Kent County are higher than the state and national averages, the area is safer than the other counties of DE. The region has a violent crime average of 24 and a property crime average of 45. Like in the other areas of the state, the highest number of crimes reported involve larceny-theft.