About Me

For over two decades I have provided skip tracing and other investigative services to law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. People generally assume that private investigators only offer their services in matters relating to crimes and criminals.

While it may be true of others, as a private investigator, I have made it a point to offer a more rounded and balanced portfolio of services. Some of the agencies and clients that I have worked with include:

Criminal investigative services: I have worked on several cases with Denton PD as well as other law enforcement agencies across Texas and Florida. In addition, I frequently collaborate with bail bond agencies.

Non-criminal but legal investigative services: I also work for several legal firms, including those that deal in divorce, child custody and family court matters. Moreover, I have found crucial information for criminal lawyers as well as probate attorneys that have changed the course of a trial and the eventual verdict.

Non- criminal and non-legal investigative services: From genealogy research centers in both the US and Canada to civilians who are merely interested in learning more about their ancestors, I have worked with them all. Of course, I have also handled both personal and professional investigative matters in which the information that I found played a crucial role in making life altering decisions. I also frequently work pro bono for a non-profit that find the next of kin of decedents.

Skip tracing isn’t an easy job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Yes, there are many other professionals who offer skip tracing services. But, what sets my services apart is the sheer volume of data that I peruse to get pertinent and complete information for my clients.

Not only do I search most databases hosted by state and federal government agencies but also non-state repositories. I also have access to the TLO, which means that you get access to the most current and the most accurate information.

Give me a call if…

  • You want to know where long lost relatives, old school friends and colleagues are.
  • You want to find out more about the past of a potential romantic interest.
  • You are interested in investigating the after-hours pursuits of your partner/spouse.
  • You need to learn about the criminal past of a potential employee or partner.
  • You want to snoop into the past business dealings and associations of a potential business partner.
  • You are connected with a Genealogy Research Service provider and want help to trace the family history of a client.
  • You are a law enforcement agent who wants assistance in a criminal investigation or in tracing a suspect.
  • You are a bail agent who needs help locating an absconder.
  • You are a lawyer who needs assistance investigating a motor vehicle accident, criminal case or civil dispute.
  • You are a realtor who needs to trace the ownership history of a property.
  • You need to trace the ownership history of a vehicle.
  • You are a probate attorney who needs to locate the heirs, descendants and kin of a client.

In a nutshell, if you need any information or person traced, get in touch with me right away. Not only am I meticulous about the quality of my work but also I love what I do for a living. And that is what makes me go the extra mile for every client and on every case. Call me today and let me get the information you need on the double.

And while you are here, do not forget to download my free report on “How to find public records”.